New Year Nutrition Challenge
Tired of the Christmas fluff? Ready to smash 2019? 
We have you covered with a 30-day challenge that will have you seeing results before you can say "Spring Break cruise...I need to wear a bathing suit!"
We are kicking off this challenge on Wednesday, January 16th. This challenge is sure to jump-start your path to a healthier and happier 2019! Are you ready to make some changes?
Cost: $119 for CS&F Members and $139 for Non-Members
In this challenge you will get:
  • 2 InBody Scans (pre and post-challenge)
  •  Grocery List
  •  Recipes
  •  Weekly email with nutrition tips
  •  Accountability and group support
  •  Weekly contests with fun prizes to the winner
So, are you ready to get started? 
Here are a few more details to help you understand how the challenge will work! 
First things first. Once you register for the challenge, mark your calendar for our January 12th Nutrition Seminar and kick-off event. Come to that event to get your initial scan and measurements taken. You'll be added to the private Facebook group and we'll give you the challenge guidelines and your grocery list. This is also a great time to think about your personal goals for this challenge.
January 16th. It's time to get started. This is your official first day. You can show up the gym for any class time today and complete your pre-challenge workout. You'll also start recording your stats for the challenge on this date so you have something to report back to your coach at the end of the 30 days.
During the challenge. You will have the support of all your fellow challengers through the Facebook group. Your coach will be checking in with you weekly to make sure you're on track and answer any questions you may have. You'll have the meal plan and your Facebook group to lean on for great recipe inspiration so you don't get bored or stuck.
February 13th. You did it! You tracked your food and tried new recipes and even made some new friends this last 30-days! Now, you just show up to the gym today and take on your post-challenge workout and your second InBody scan. Then, you can sit back and bask in the glow of your amazing results! Then you just keep your momentum and reach all your goals!
The Challenge Starts on January 16th!
Spaces will be limited so don't wait to register!
Still not sure? 
Take a look at these amazing transformations from our last nutrition challenge!!
From Christina: Taking part in the Fit for Fall Challenge was a birthday present to myself. I have been exercising and very active for several years, and journeyed through several “clean eating” seasons. However, I realized that none of what I’ve been doing was sticking, and I really needed some accountability. My goals going in were to commit to the challenge, absorb the knowledge and be transparent about my journey. I knew that if I did those three things, that I would see positive results! 

The set-up for the challenge was so great. Instead of listing the “can’t” and “don’t” foods, we had a simple diagram of how to fill your plate with the foods that will fuel your body. The preparation was as flexible as you needed it to be, and that made it much more manageable. However, I did experience the ultimate “fail to plan, plan to fail” several times!

Nutritionally, the most encouraging part of the challenge was that it travelled well! I went on 3 separate vacations during this challenge and felt equipped to make the best choices possible in the middle of deep-fried heaven! Also, I experienced several "failure meals” that would have de-railed me in the past, but because I knew my goals were about educating myself rather than hitting a certain number per day, I was able to wake up the next day ready to start fresh!

I’m so thankful for the team spirit that was shared during this challenge. The encouragement, camaraderie and commiserating were crucial and reflect the group of people that make up CS&F.
From Amy: I have always struggled with my health and fitness. I started CrossFit 3 years ago and joined CS&F in May of 2016. I felt like I had my fitness covered, but the health part was lacking. I knew I needed to get my eating under control. I had been creating nutrition plans by myself for years. Sometimes they worked and I’d drop a couple pounds; sometimes I’d starve. When CS&F announced the Fit for Fall Challenge, I was at my heaviest weight ever and my clothes I had worn just a few months ago were too small. This was my smack in the behind! The opportunity I needed to learn the rights and wrongs of nutrition and finally get myself eating healthy and stop with the dieting. Working with Rachel was great. She patiently answered all my questions. I know I sounded like I’d never eaten real food! She created my “plate” and helped me through the times I knew I was going to fail. She kept telling me you’re going to do great. And I did. I lost 8.25 inches and 1.6% body fat! I may not have won the prize for the challenge, but I did win all the knowledge I gained throughout the six weeks. Now that the challenge is over, I still create my “plate” at every meal. I feel better than I have in years and as a bonus my clothes fit better!
From Michael: I've been at CS&F for almost two years. I started to get really frustrated because my endurance began to fade and my weight started to creep up. On a whim I decided to do the nutrition challenge. It's an amazing feeling to finally have my diet and workouts in sync. Once I got over the detox from sugar and simple starches, I felt like a new person. Even when life gets in the way of my workouts now, I don't feel like I'm falling apart if I keep eating healthy. I'm a big fan of the plate method and see it as a simple, sustainable way of eating. Thanks to my amazing wife, CS&F coaches and fellow Crossfitters for an awesome two years.
From Brian: This challenge has been nothing short of life changing for me and my family. Anyone that knows me will attest that I'm very passionate when it comes to work, however I had reached a point where I was not making enough time for myself or my family. I had hit a brick wall. I had literally made myself sick. I was tired all the time, had high cholesterol, high glucose levels, and general aches and pains. I was stressed out, had high levels of anxiety and laid on the couch every night after work - exhausted. Fitness was a very important part of my life growing up and I knew that I had to make a change - a drastic one. My family and my business were counting on me and when this challenge was announced I knew this is what I needed. 

Competition is in my blood. I was the honor graduate and held the platoon high PFT score (physical fitness test) for graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. I knew I needed a group of team members around me to keep me motivated and accountable. I knew that CS&F and my family were that team and that they would motivate me to give what I knew I had in me. They did and then some. The meal plan was simple and sustainable, even with my travel schedule. I never worried about what I was going to eat because I knew what needed to be on my plate. It's literally that easy. I regularly checked the Facebook group for motivation and meal ideas. Rachel checked in several times and answered any questions I had immediately. I regularly talked to other members of the challenge at the gym and shared success stories. 

This was a family event and teams always achieve more than individuals. I'm happy to say that I'm now down 20lbs, have normal cholesterol levels, no more pain, off all medications, no more anxiety, low-stress levels, high energy and feel generally amazing! My wife feels like she has a new husband and my kids don't have to watch me sitting on the couch anymore. Instead, my wife (Sabrina) and I are exposing them to a healthy lifestyle. What could be better than that? 6 weeks to change your life and your family's lives? Thank you for everyone at CS&F! #changinglives!
Do you want results like these? 
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